Past Event

Sacred Music at Columbia: The Accord-O-Leles & Friends present "The Tarantella: A Musical Cure from Puglia"

April 2, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
St. Paul's Chapel, 1160 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10027
THIS EVENT HAS UNFORTUNATELY BEEN CANCELLED. We hope to present this concert next semester instead. Free and open to the public; no tickets needed. The Accord-O-Leles & Friends present "The Tarantella: A Musical Cure from Puglia." The tarantella is a healing ritual dance originating in Puglia, the region of Italy known as "the heel of the boot." Its history may go back to the time when this area was Greek; the ritual may have developed from Dionysian rites. For centuries, the tarantella has been a famous musical cure for the bite of a spider. The Accord-O-Leles are the Upper West Side's accordion and ukulele band, often appearing at street fairs, church services and parades, and occasionally in concert. Their repertoire ranges from Tin Pan Alley songs to Spirituals to hymns to Our Lady of Guadalupe. They will be joined by mezzo soprano Hayden DeWitt and percussionist Michael Evans to present traditional tarantellas as well as historical accounts of their performance and healing power.

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Julian Bennett Holmes