Passover 2024 Information

April 04, 2024

The Jewish holiday of Passover centered on themes of liberation, justice and redemption arrives in April. Many students, staff and faculty within Columbia University celebrate Passover. Accordingly, below you will find relevant information and opportunities to participate.

Our diverse community of Jewish students observe and celebrate this holiday in different ways. The two most popular aspects are participating in a festive gathering called a Seder, and refraining from eating bread products during the holiday. Some students will spend the holiday on campus, with minimal change to their daily routine. For more traditionally observant students, their day-to-day lifestyle is fundamentally altered for the duration of the holiday. Our purpose is to be respectful and inclusive of the variety of Jewish religious and spiritual practices during this important holiday.

Passover begins with the Seder on Monday, April 22 in the evening, but many religious practices commence the night before, Sunday, April 21. The holiday ends on Tuesday night, April 30.

The essential breakdown of the Passover week is as follows:

  • First Days of Passover: Monday evening, April 22 through Wednesday night, April 24
  • Intermediate Days of Passover: Thursday, April 25 until Sunday evening, April 28
  • Second Days of Passover: Sunday evening, April 28 through Tuesday, April 30

Faculty and Administrators

  • Many observant Jewish students are prohibited from attending class or doing coursework during these specific holidays; some religious traditions also preclude using electronics – phones, transportation and computers – during these times.
  • If faculty need assistance or have questions about any students in their classes, they may reach out to the student’s Class Dean.
  • For specific inquiries about the Jewish holidays, please reach out to our Campus Rabbi,  Yonah Hain ([email protected]).


  • Students seeking religious accommodations for their observation of the holidays should contact their professors as soon as possible. 
  • Students are responsible to make up their work and be prepared for the next session.
  • If students encounter any difficulties in completing work for their classes, they should contact their school for support and guidance. Students should reach out to their Advising Dean (undergraduates), Student Affairs Offices (graduate students) or Class Dean (Barnard).
  • For questions about the Jewish holidays and religious accommodations, students can reach out to Rabbi Hain ([email protected]).


Barnard Kosher at Hewitt Dining will offer fully certified Kosher-for-Passover meals for select parts of the holiday. meals are available with advance registration. There will be two in-person lunches on April 27 and April 30. Registration is required. 

To register for Kosher-for-Passover meals when the servery is closed or the in-person lunches, complete this form.

Passover Seders and other Opportunities

Jewish life at Barnard/Columbia offers many ways to celebrate the holiday. The festive meals, prayer services, community service opportunities, and other holiday-themed experiences are open to all students. Many of these offerings are housed in the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life (W. 115th between Broadway and Riverside).

To register for a Passover Seder, or to host your own Seder in your own way with all of the necessary materials provided for you, please see here.

We wish all who are observing a chag sameach, a happy Passover!


Passover Information Sheet 2024